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As a physician and a surgeon, I was very grateful and happy for the fact that I was a recipient of the scholarship of The German Association of Surgeons, which represented an extraordinary opportunity to see a modern clinic, specialized in general, visceral and endocrinal surgery.

Being a physician in general surgery, I was privileged to extend my knowledge and get the experience from outstanding general, open colorectal and laparoscopic surgery practitioners, and to acquire a part of their rich knowledge and practice and to apply it on my return at the clinic where I work. The opportunity was both motivating and challenging.

On the 1st November, 2016, I came to Klinikum Neuperlach, which is Teaching Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, where I was first introduced to my mentors, the experts I learned from – Prof. Natasha Nüssler, the chief of general, viscelar and endocrine surgery and Dr. Reinhard Ruppert, the chief of coloproctology. I stayed at the clinic until the end of December. The Klinikum Neuperlach is focused on surgical oncology of gastrointestinal tract, mainly colorectal, hapatobiliar and pancreatic surgery.

Thanks to my mentors, the lack of my knowledge of German language did not represent any obstacle. Prof. Dr. Nüssler is – first of all – a lady and an extraordinary human being and a wonderful and knowledgeable expert. Above all, she is an extremely kind and friendly person willing to help and share her knowledge and experience, make them accessible to me and she showed the immediacy from the very beginning. I was lucky that we could communicate in English. Professor Nüssler`s presence was inspiring as well as the fact that she is very successful doing her job, which is according to the tacit agreement attributed to men.

I am also grateful to and full of admiration for Dr. Ruppert. His instructions and detailed explanation during the surgical procedures were of enormous help to me. I appreciate the fact that he shared his professional time with me and accepted me as his assistant as well as his patience, professionalism and his readiness to answer my questions and share lots of information from his experience.

I cannot thank enough both Professor Nüssler and Dr Ruppert.

I also have to thank Dr. Thomas Kiler and Dr. Boris Kirchdorfer for their hospitality, kindness and the knowledge they shared.

The knowledge and experience in the area of hepatobiliar, pancreatic and colorectal surgery that I acquired from the Neuperlach team is precious and it will help me enormously in my future surgical practice on my clinic.

Pecic V. Scholarship of the German Society of Surgery. Passion Chirurgie. 2017 April, 7(04): Artikel 06_01.

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